Newsletter # 15 – Chick lit

Chick lit


Helen Fielding’s book “Bridget Jones’ Diary”, published in 1996, was a milestone in the annals of the history of the Chick-lit genre, also known as Gossip-lit.

Chick-lit is attached to female heroines. They are generally young, beautiful, rich and successful in their careers. There are, of course, many variants: some are high school students, some work in fashion… or in fashion. Chick-lit is written by women for women, with a non-chalant, disenchanted tone, full of black humour. It makes for light, funny reading.

Since it was adapted to film, Bridget Jones’ Diary has constantly been producing off-shoots. The most talented authoresses would be Lauren Weisberger, for The devil wears Prada and Candace Bushnell for Sex and the City, which would also give rise to the famous TV series.

Here are a few others that may well be the next box office successes.


This week newsletter introduces:

- Miracle on Regent Street, by Ali Harris

- Ten Things We Did (And Probably Shouldn’t Have), by Sarah Mlynowski

- A Girl Like You, by Gemma Burgess

- Lizzy Harrison Loses Control, by Pippa Wright

- Sweet Temptation, by Lucy Diamond

- O Casamento Da Minha Mae (My Mother’s Wedding), by Alice Vieira

- Here Come The Girls, by Milly Johnston

- Something From Tiffany’s, by Melissa Hill

- The Wedding Beat, by Evan Sipher

- Kate’s Wedding, by Chrissie Manby


As every week, find a new article on the books whose film rights have been purchased recently ; a selection of books to keep your eyes on ; and a focus on a book, an author, a film, a new project… (this week : Atlantic, a new French editorial project).

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