The official selection was announced last week and so it is time for Best-Seller to Box-Office to give you further information about the adaptations short-listed this year:

- La Chambre Bleue

- Coming Home

- How to Train a Dragon 2

- The Homesman

- Foxcatcher

LA CHAMBRE BLEUE by Georges Simenon: Simenon is a very famous French author who wrote more than 200 novels. Many of his books have been adapted into movies.

Antoine ”Tony” Falcone is interviewed by the police and analyzes his short affair with with Andrée Despierre. He lives a normal family life with his wife and children and, at the same time, has a second life as a womanizer thanks to his brother who owns an hotel in Triant.

La Chambre Bleue directed by Mathieu Amalric, out of competition.

THE CRIMINAL LU YANSHI by Yan Geling: Yan Geling is a Chinese writer and screenwriter. She is a major figure of today’s Chinese literature. Her novel Tiānyù was made into a movie in 1988 directed by Joan Chen. It one of the most beautiful adaptations of all times.

This slim novel, narrated by the granddaughter of Lu Yanshi, tells the story of one Chinese intellectual’s tragic experiences from the 1920s to the 1990s. Like Yan Geling’s other stories, Criminal sticks close to love, cruelty, kindness, and family ties, all hung against a backdrop of historical change. Lu Yanshi, the favored son of a major Shanghai family, was forced after his father’s death to marry his niece, after which he fled to the US to study. Returning to China with a doctorate, he find a position as a professor, and enters into a love triangle with his wife and young step-mother. In the fifties he is condemned as a rightist and sent to a labor camp in Qinghai to serve his twenty year sentence. During that time his memories of his wife are his only support, but when he’s finally released and returns to her, he finds she has all but forgotten him.

Coming Home directed by Zhang Yimove, out of competition.

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON by Cressida Cowell: How to Train Your Dragon, released in 2010 was nominated twice at the 83rd Oscars ceremony. The movie short-listed for the Cannes Festival is the second one of a trilogy planned by Dean DeBlois.

A series of twelve books for young adults following the adventures of Hiccup and his dragon Toothless.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 directed by Dean DeBlois, out of competition.

THE HOMESMAN by Glendon Swarthout: Swarthout is a famous American author who was twice short-listed for the Pulitzer Prize. Some of his pieces were adapted into movie. The adaptation of The Homesman has been planned for a long time: a version starring Paul Newman was planned but it is the Tommy Lee Jones’ movie, starring Hilary Swank and Meryl Streep among others, which will be released.

A devastating, humane story of early pioneers to America’s West in the 1850′s. It celebrates the ones we hear nothing of — the brave women whose hearts and minds were broken by that life of bitter hardship. When a nineteen-year-old mother loses her three children to diphtheria in three days, or a woman left alone for two nights has to shoot wolves as they crash through the window, it is no wonder they should lose their minds. After a dreadful winter, the Rev. Dowd finds there are four such cases in his parish and, as yet, no asylum.

The Homesman directed by Tommy Lee Jones, in compétition.

FOXCATCHER by Marx Schultz: the movie based on Schultz’ life will star many celebrities such as Steve Carell, Channing Tatum or Sienna Miller.

Schultz’ autobiography. He is a famous american wrestler and writes about the important events of his life, such as the death of his brother Dave, also a wrestler, or the 1984 Olympic Games where he won a gold medal.

Foxcatcher directed by Benett Miller, in compétition.

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